domingo, 9 de fevereiro de 2014

"I fall in love too easily"

Sunday morning. The church is crowded. Walking, talking, smiling, eating. The noise is intense.
Children are running, parents are chasing them, trying to go home; it’s useless.
They know, one can tell by their smiles.
Surrounding me, people that sometimes don’t quite see…
Walk towards the exit, the heavy door opens with a screechy sound; and suddenly.

Utter silence.
A white display before me, crystal clear, rapping me in its cold embrace.
I feel the flakes in my forehead, my glasses are wet… boots turn heavy, trying to grasp the way.
Thorough silence.
This breeze, embracing me. Cold. Warm.
Nothing on my mind, but the wind and the flakes and these stumbling steps of mine.
Cold wholehearted snuggle.
Stillness silence.
Silent snow.

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