sexta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2015

Meu querido Portugal (3)

Two of my many (many) cousins are some of the most creative people I know. In my opinion, they owe it to their mother, who stirred in them a passion for the arts. She was constantly stimulating their artistic expressions with fun crafts and interesting field-trips. In my opinion, she's an inspiration as an educator, at least when it comes to the particular aspect of raising children with refined sensibility.

My cousin A. C. is a power bomb. She sings, dances, and designs clothes. She has been perfecting her craftsmanship in her graphic diaries as far as I can remember, and keeps cultivating that rare sensibility for the beauty that lies all around us.

Her brother, M., is a prodigy. He inherited from his father the ease of imagining fantastic stories that most brains wouldn't be able to devise. He's been a cinephile from a very a young age, and had the habit of journaling about his cinematographic ideas. I can always trust him to point me on the right direction when it comes to quality entertainment.

I profoundly love these cousins of mine, two people bursting with things to say to the world and enrich it, for God's glory. But their creativity and wit has been slowly swallowed by their circumstances, which leave them very little space to freely practice and pursue their true passions (our country's economical adversity is a big part of that.)

Like my two cousins, there are many others out there in the same situation, feeling trapped by life's demands and unable to exercise their gifts - o, how this saddens my heart. I truly hope that they have the possibility to bear much fruit. The way I see it, if God blessed them with such gifts it's because the world needs it. How the world needs good artists producing godly beauty. How the world needs godly thinkers engaging with the cultural expressions that surrounds us. O, how the world needs more of these two cousins of mine, doing what they were born to do.

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