segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2015


Tyndale - Bayview Campus

It is so easy, o Lord, to praise You in the midst of green pastures.
To worship You when the birds sing, and the breeze declares the wonders of Your creation.
It is so easy to be amazed by Your love when the afternoon is filled with sun, and blue,
when supper is a delightful guaranty,  when all over the place, the grass is green.

Help me, o Lord, to have this kind of disposition when the cold winds come
When the snow buries all that is lovely, and pure, and joyful.
Help me to praise You in the desert, in the barren places,
Through the painful paths of uncertainty and nothingness.

Help me, o Lord, to not overemphasized the beauty of Spring,
or the harshness of Winter, 
And simply see You, through all and in all.
Show me Your love, o Most High, every day, in every way.
Cause my heart to worship regardless of its surroundings.
Teach me how easy it can be if You are all that I see.

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Belinha disse...

Wow! Gosto muito disto. <3