quarta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2016

I'm writing a research paper on Postpartum Depression

Here's my unedited Introduction and working thesis.

Birth rates are currently at such and such. Wonder why this is happening, I hypothesize that they are decreasing (confirm) because of sin, selfishness and overall difficulty of being a mom. Mom pressure is ridiculous right now, the standard is dysfunctionally high and no one can keep up. But that has been the overall life of every woman anyway, always having to juggle so many things and still be awesome in all of them. Therefore, Postpartum depression affects such and such and is important to know, treat and address. The connection between mom and baby is a huge predictor of emotional health in adult life, resilience in the face of hardships, and overall mental health. It is of utmost importance to help and empower moms in this stage because in the future that will affect the whole world. Moms are the first and foremost influence in anyone’s life, they need support mechanisms set in place to help them when they’re struggling. Also, moms have connections with dads (marriage, living together, one-night stands… wonder how dad impacts/ is impacted by postpartum depression). So, helping a mom to cope is to help a woman, their child and the whole world. Strong moms raise healthy babies. Healthy babies become purposeful people. Purposeful people change the world. We need purposeful people more than ever, because this world is declining more and more each day. In the end, God is God. So even if a mom is struggling to raise her baby, this topic is important to study so that we can know how to best respond, working on God’s behalf as His vessels in reverting moms’ difficult situations.

Yes, this is how this head of mine starts papers.

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